Introductions Australia

Howdy :-)

This is the GitLab project portal for Introductions Australia (https://introsau.com).

Some GitLab features are available to "public" users, while others are not. Specifically, public users can not (currently) view or interact with the source code at all. This will likely change at some point in the not too distant future.

Chances are you're basically only interested in the Wiki (documentation) and / or Issues (tracking system for issues with the project) sections.

To create an Issue, you'll either need a user account at this GitLab instance or to use the Service Desk feature, where anyone (even those without a user account) can email Issues in to the system and then continue to correspond with the Issue Responder and other participants via the email thread.

Please note that the Issues tracker is not a general help desk. Do not ask general usage questions, etc, via Issues!